Lido Does It All By Himself In “Dye” Video

The Norwegian producer manages to play everything under the sun.

November 07, 2016


Norwegian producer Lido has had a busy 2016 — he released his debut album, Everything, after debuting it live at Coachella, as well as doing some production work for Chance the Rapper and A$AP Ferg. That kind of work takes a lot of collaboration, but in the video for "Dye," which is premiering on The FADER today, Lido is all by himself, surrounded by a world of instruments. Scenes of a ballerina performing to the music create a chilling effect.

In an email to The FADER, Lido explained that the video's inspiration came from his live show.

"We shot this clip in Paris using elements from my stage setup playing the song live," he said. "It was a pleasure working with a forward thinking production crew letting me do a live video using 360 bullet time in a very artistic and cool way."

Watch the video above.

Lido Does It All By Himself In “Dye” Video