Nevada Judge Denies Trump Campaign Lawsuit Over Early Voting

The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit over a Nevada early voting location that allegedly allowed people to cast ballots after its closing time.

November 08, 2016
Nevada Judge Denies Trump Campaign Lawsuit Over Early Voting Ethan Miller / Getty Images

A judge in Clark County, Nevada has denied the Donald Trump campaign's order for a lawsuit over votes cast at an early voting location near Las Vegas, Rolling Stone reports via CNBC. The Trump campaign claims that the polling place, located within a supermarket in a largely Latino community in East Last Vegas, allowed voters to cast ballots after their 8 p.m. closing time.


It's possible that the Trump campaign was using the suit to establish preeminence in potential challenges of the state's results. Bloomberg reporter Sahil Kapur shared part of the suit today on Twitter: "The Registrar's violations were not random and neutral in their effect, but very much appear to have been intentionally coordinated with Democratic activists in order to skew the vote unlawfully in favor of Democratic candidates."

Dan Kulin, a spokesman for Clark County, told CBS Las Vegas that there was no official extension of hours at any polling place in the region, adding that almost all polling locations stayed open late to accommodate voters who were already in line before the official closing time. "If there's a line when closing time comes, we just keep processing voters until there's no more line," he said. "We're flexible because we want people to vote."

According to Rolling Stone, local news reports suggest that there was a two-hour wait at the polling location. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal points out, state law doesn't mandate a specific closing time for early voting.

Nevada Judge Denies Trump Campaign Lawsuit Over Early Voting