Watch RP Boo Explain How He Helped Invent Footwork

The Chicago footwork pioneer lit up Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal last month.

November 08, 2016

RP Boo is a legend. In Montreal last month, the Chicago footwork pioneer sat down on the Red Bull Music Academy couch to share his musical journey with the event's participants. He might be in his 40s, but Boo has the energy and storytelling zest of someone half his years. He reeled off stories about how he helped forge the footwork sound we know today. One time, for instance, he created bass-free edits for a dance crew he DJ-ed for in the '90s, which pushed the dancers to be more creative in battles.


Throughout the lecture, there's lots of rich history to be soaked up, plus plenty of lovely asides about how inspiration is everywhere if you listen (RP Boo once made a track inspired by the soda pop machine at his day job) and why one of his favorite things about watching people first encounter footwork music is the way they screw their face up, like whatttt? If you have even the most passing of interests in electronic music, this is a must-watch.

RP Boo's new EP, The Ultimate, is out November 28 via Planet Mu.

Thumbnail photo by Maria Jose Govea.

Watch RP Boo Explain How He Helped Invent Footwork