CNN’s Van Jones: “How Do I Explain This To My Children?”

The political commentator puts the pain of Donald Trump’s election into words.

November 09, 2016

Many people have been left speechless by Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. On CNN's coverage of the election night, commentator Van Jones gave an emotional effort at explaining what had happened and the pain that the communities Trump cast aside during his campaign are feeling right now.


Jones called the result a "whitelash" and argued that it came as a result of the switching demographics in America. “People have talked about a miracle. I’m hearing about a nightmare,” Jones said. “It’s hard to be a parent tonight for a lot of us. You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bully.’ You tell your kids, ‘Don’t be a bigot.’ You tell your kids, ‘Do your homework and be prepared.’ Then you have this outcome, and you have people putting children to bed tonight and they’re afraid of breakfast. They’re afraid of, ‘How do I explain this to my children?’"

Chance The Rapper was among those on Twitter praising Jones for his words.

Watch the short speech above.

CNN’s Van Jones: “How Do I Explain This To My Children?”