Chris McClenney’s “Otherside” Is Shockingly Sincere Psych-R&B

His full-length EP is out early next year.

November 10, 2016
Chris McClenney’s “Otherside” Is Shockingly Sincere Psych-R&B Creative Direction: Mafalda Millies, Photography: Eliza Soros, Styling: Sophia Costima

Chris McClenney has produced for D.R.A.M. as well as a a white label with Soulection, and today the soulful multi-instrumentalist premieres "Otherside" with The FADER. Like The Social Experiment, the richly layered track weaves jazz, R&B, and funk into a complex and instantly relatable track that, on another planet, would almost certainly have healing properties. "Otherside" goes through many rewarding stages, but the climatic ultralight beam of spoken affirmations puts a big, colorful bow on every pretty thing only hinted at before.


"Otherside is a look within," Chris told The FADER over email. "It's about confronting your inner demons, accepting them as a part of you, and realizing that they can also be a source of inspiration; as they have been for me. Every person has their own struggles, it's part of being human. This is a tune dedicated to being human. Harmonically, the tune conveys a somber sense of hope and optimism, rhythmically a sense of urgency, and melodically, honesty. It was important I play guitar, bass and keys on it to truly express the organic nature of the song."

Listen to "Otherside" below. Chris's EP Portrait In Two is out next year.

Chris McClenney’s “Otherside” Is Shockingly Sincere Psych-R&B