Abyss X Takes You Into A Dystopic Future On “Summon”

Listen to the latest track from the eclectic producer.

November 14, 2016
Abyss X Takes You Into A Dystopic Future On “Summon” Lane Stewart

If you close your eyes while listening to Abyss X's "Summon," the Greek producer might pull you into a futuristic dystopia where it's dark and cold. You'll want to move your body to the song, but you might not be entirely sure how to dance to the visceral onslaught of bass and percussion.


The urgency of "Summon" feels like the quickening of a heartbeat. It's a departure from the more organic sounds of her previous work, like this year's "Mouthed." Taken from the upcoming album, Nüshu, a record intended as "essential riot gear" for the listener, this song feels like it's preparing the listener for whatever is coming next.

"'Summon' is a track of lo-fi energy, its underlying dynamics actually work as an inviting force," Abyss X said in an email to The FADER. "What the invitation is for is open to interpretation, I just wanted to give the listeners a sense of catharsis in the end after a bit of mind work during the track."

Nüshu is is out November 25 on Infinite Machine.

Abyss X tour dates

11/9 - Boston, MA - Artist Talk @ Boston School of Fine Arts/Live Show @ Cake Factory,
12/1 - Miami, FL - Split Lip Service Festival, Art Basel
12/3 - Houston, TX - Boiler Room

Abyss X Takes You Into A Dystopic Future On “Summon”