Boys Noize’s “2 Live” Video Is A Virtual Reality Love Story

The visuals are set in 2019 and capture a young couple looking to be transported.

November 14, 2016

Boys Noize clearly believes that love will prevail amid the political uncertainty we currently find ourselves in. The video for "2 Live" featuring T.E.E.D. shows a young couple falling in love in Mexico City. At first things are grounded in reality, the concrete buildings adorned with religious iconography capture the old side of the city while market stalls filled with technology and bootleg software hint at the future. The themes of technology and love then combine via Sus Boy's stunning VR visuals which transport the couple from real life into another dimension.


Speaking to The FADER via email, Boys Noize says, "I’ve played in Mexico City many times, it’s one of my favorite places in the world. The scene is really special, it has a big art scene and sub-culture but unlike E.U. cities because it’s still so raw and wild, you can see and feel it everywhere in the streets. People don't really know how cyberpunk Mexico City is, and we knew we had to shoot there, with crazy anime malls, bootleg electronics, and illegal steroid markets 30 minutes away from 2000 year old pyramids. My friend and director Lil Internet had the vision for it and was used to shooting in dicey places without permits, and Sus Boy added his magic CGI really enhancing the cyber romance element."

Along with a new music video, Boys Noize also announced a string of European headline tour dates today. See below for full dates and check out the video above.

Thumbnail image via Shane McCauley.

Boys Noize’s “2 Live” Video Is A Virtual Reality Love Story