Lil Wayne Hops On Kiiara’s “Gold” Remix

The pop smash gets a guest verse from Tunechi.

November 18, 2016

💛🔒✨🍭 @liltunechi on tha remix ;) link in bio .

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Kiiara's "Gold," which is steadily cruising its way into 50 million territory on YouTube, now has a remix, complete with an assist from Lil Wayne. The verse finds Wayne in nasally autotune mode, dropping off a playful 16 over the viral smash. Meanwhile, Kiiara's producers, David Singer-Vine and Felix Snow, also just dropped off another collection of slick pop slap, their pop trio Terror Jr's debut project, Bop City.

Lil Wayne Hops On Kiiara’s “Gold” Remix