GIL’s New Track “Many” Is An Epic Dance Deconstruction

The Berlin-based producer will release his EP Orchids & Wasps on November 25.

November 22, 2016
GIL’s New Track “Many” Is An Epic Dance Deconstruction Photo via Danse Noire

"Many" is the new juggernaut from Berlin producer GIL, that forges club traditions from around the world into a sonic weapon. In the opening minutes, baile funk breaks are chopped and heightened to resemble the hyperactive percussion of a martial arts movie on fast forward. The pace doesn't let up as "Many" pinballs from genre to genre, in search of source material for a new kind of hardcore.


"This track is built on instances of a gentle rallying call," GIL told The FADER over email."The melody and meaning of the children’s song brings to my mind the way in which children purposefully walk into a world they recognize as ambiguous and hidden while revealing, awash with buzzes and clicks and familiarities which are subtle and fragile and can change depending on very little; even just a change of lighting or a slight turn or a sudden sound. I recognize here a vacillating familiarity which denies understanding as a safe spot - but which embraces incomprehension and paradox as active beings and potentials. It might seem strange to issue a rallying call for something as seemingly hazy and undefined as this, but I was driven by precisely that; a cry out for the undistinguished."

Listen to "Many" below. GIL's EP Orchids & Wasps is out November 25 on Danse Noire.

GIL’s New Track “Many” Is An Epic Dance Deconstruction