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Young L Returns In Rare Form With “Baller Blockin’”

The Bay slap architect drops The Boo Ghost on December 9.

November 22, 2016
Young L Returns In Rare Form With “Baller Blockin’”

Young L is still in his mid-twenties, but his track record extends more than a decade already. Since engineering The Pack's sparse, punk take on hyphy while he was still in high school, L's been subtly exerting his influence on the rap world, building a cult following through a catalog of boundary-pushing solo releases.


"Baller Blockin'," L's first single from the forthcoming The Boo Ghost tape, asserts that influence in pretty straightforward terms: All these young niggas wanna be me, says L, on the hook. The song is an understated, sinister flex, all icy synths and stutter-step drums.

"My production just caught a new wave on this project," L told The FADER in an email, "I'm giving my newer and OG fans something fresh for the ears. I got into my zone on this one." The Boo Ghost is due out December 9. You can pre-order here.

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Young L Returns In Rare Form With “Baller Blockin’”