Tkay Maidza’s “Simulation” Video Is A Quest For Something Real

The Australian rapper immerses herself in art for the striking visuals.

November 29, 2016

In Tkay Maidza's video for new single "Simulation" the Zimbabwe-born artist places herself against different backdrops as she attempts to elicit something human from the manufactured scenarios around her.


The energetic and care-free bounce of "Simulation" belies the quiet rage in its lyrics. Speaking to The FADER via email, Maidza explained that the video is about her seeking authenticity in a world that is geared toward the superficial.

"The song is about trying to find something real within a world that is fake and calculated so they [directors Lamar + Nik] constructed a few different art installations where I was in the center of them being the real thing."

"Simulation" is the second single from Maidza's upcoming album, TKAY, which is due for release on January 20. Check out the video above.

Tkay Maidza’s “Simulation” Video Is A Quest For Something Real