Justin Bieber Says “Instagram Is For The Devil”

The pop star spoke about the evils of the social networking app during a recent show.

November 30, 2016
Justin Bieber Says “Instagram Is For The Devil” Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Justin Bieber deleted his Instagram in August, but he paused his set during his show in London on Tuesday to ask fans if he should go back on the social media platform. The fans cheered loudly at the prospect of the 22-year-old getting back on Instagram, but he quickly shut down the prospect. "Instagram is for the devil,” he said in an exaggerated voice.


“I think Hell is Instagram,” Bieber continued in jest. “I’m like 90 percent sure. We get sent to hell, and we get locked in the Instagram server. I’m stuck in the DMs. I’m trying to climb my way out and I can’t.” Watch Justin Bieber discuss the evils of IG below.

Justin Bieber Says “Instagram Is For The Devil”