Listen To Obongjayar’s Powerful New EP Home

The London-based artist follows up his debut single “Creeping” with five special tracks.

November 30, 2016
Listen To Obongjayar’s Powerful New EP <i>Home</i> Alec Mcleish

U.K. artist Obongjayar appeared to come out of nowhere when he dropped the commanding single "Creeping" back in October. Writing about it at the time we were left demanding more from the artist who was born in Nigeria before moving to London at 17. That wish has been granted today, November 30, in the shape of his debut EP Home.


Obongjayar (pronounced Ore-Bong-Jay-Are)'s introduction to the world sees him deliver spoken word verses on some songs, while dominating others with his powerful singing voice. Beats from producers he found on Soundcloud surrounds each of the five tracks on the EP, which features "Creeping", along with four other brand new tracks.

The EP can be streamed below and downloaded for free via

Listen To Obongjayar’s Powerful New EP Home