Xylø’s “Get Closer” Video Is A Moody Neon Fantasy

The heartbreaking track gets a visual.

December 02, 2016

Southern California brother-and-sister act Xylø is back today with a video for "Get Closer," which might be their most heartbreaking single yet. In the video, Xylø's Paige Duddy tries to reason with her love interest to little success. There are lots of pretty lights and strong emotions to take in here.


In a note to The FADER, Paige Duddy explained that "Get Closer" is about becoming distant with someone you were once inseparable with.

"To be young in 2016 comes with many distractions," she said. "We live in a chaotic, clickbait, top ten list-instant gratification generation. Sometimes we need to look up from the small screens and take a look at ourself, and the people who are closest to us. In the video our director, Gianennio, captured this mood all through the lighting. The neon lights, strobes, lazers, fog, all represent those distractions in a failing relationship. Caroline (who plays my girlfriend) tied this all together through her emotional performance,unique style and grace."

Watch the video above.

Xylø’s “Get Closer” Video Is A Moody Neon Fantasy