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Watch Young M.A.’s Music Video For The Six-Minute Freestyle “EAT“

“Fuck around and call me M.A. Shakur.”

December 02, 2016

Since "OOOUUU" hit the charts this summer, Brooklyn rapper Young M.A. has faced more skepticism and scrutiny than many hip-hop breakouts because of her gender and sexuality. Plus, there's the added controversy of a New Orleans promoter who claims the Brooklyn rapper stole $30,000 from him for a performance that never occurred (allegations M.A. has denied). The rapper acknowledges these struggles and more on the six-minute freestyle, "EAT," and also resolves to soldier through: "The more fame, the more problems, nigga, believe me/ But I ain't going nowhere nigga, they need me." A classic beat from The L.O.X. 's "Money, Power, Respect" is the backdrop for M.A.'s lyrical explosion of deflections, honesty, and reassertion. At the end of the clip, M.A. and a friend sit on thrones of stacked chairs and perform a snippet of "Get This Money," the third track from her 2015 mixtape SleepWalkin.

Watch Young M.A.’s Music Video For The Six-Minute Freestyle “EAT“