Austra Reimagine Society In The “Future Politics” Music Video

The synth-pop project’s new album Future Politics is out January 20.

December 05, 2016

A running theme across all areas of the political spectrum is a desire to escape the current system, and Toronto synth-pop group Austra are tapping that feeling in their new music video for "Future Politics." Bandleader Katie Stelmanis is a kind of hopeful totem among industrialized landscapes that torment its residents, though the Allie Avital-directed clip ends on a hopeful and relaxed note with the whole gang chilling in comfortable clothes in the middle of a highway.


“'Future Politics' is the breaking down of paradigms,” Avital and Stelmanis wrote in a statement found in the video's Youtube description. “In this video, we wanted to explore what a world might look like if our values were transformed: instead of glorifying labor, maybe we could learn to glorify the act of doing absolutely nothing.” Check the video out above; the song is from Austra's new album Future Politics, out January 20 on Domino.

Austra Reimagine Society In The “Future Politics” Music Video