Everything You Need To Know About E-40

The Vallejo rapper explains how he went to college in the South and why he’s not mad at D.R.A.M. even though he coined the term “broccoli.”

December 08, 2016

E-40 is more gamed up than your average individual. On the heels of his recent double-disc release of The D-Boy Diary, which is available on iTunes now, 40 Water stopped by The FADER office to drop gems on a new episode of Everything You Need To Know. The Bay Area legend is known for his expressive language, and he said he's happy for D.R.A.M.'s success, even though he coined the term "broccoli" as a euphemism for weed around '93. He also shared his predictions for the NBA Finals, remembered following his cousin B-Legit to college in Louisiana, and explained why he started wearing non-prescription lenses back in the day.