Siya Is Another Brooklyn Rapper To Feel Excited About

Watch the video for her latest single, “I Know I Know.”

December 08, 2016

Siya is smooth. The Brooklyn rapper, who also happens to star on Oxygen's Sisterhood of Hip-hop, has recently made a pivot into a lowkey, laconic flow that's perfectly suited to the equally unfussy beats she selects. Her latest single, "I Know I Know," sounds like dead of winter in New York; on it, Siya has words for fakes and wannabe thugs.


"There's a very thin line between the aggressive records and the more laidback records on the album. My producer Blicky Blaze sent me the beat and I couldn't let it go. It's such a smooth track and I didn't want to come across too aggressive but I wanted to get my point across in the same breath," Siya explained to The FADER. "The whole idea for the video was a New Jack City vibe. There's a specific scene in the movie where Nino is riding through New York in a jeep and they had on Adidas jackets and Kangol hats and I just really wanted to incorporate that."

Her album SIYAvsSIYA is out on December 9. Watch her video for previous single "My Sons" here.

Siya Is Another Brooklyn Rapper To Feel Excited About