The 25 Best Boosie Songs Of 2016

Fuck cancer, shout out to Boosie.

December 09, 2016
The 25 Best Boosie Songs Of 2016

On December 8, 2015, Torrence Hatch, better known as Boosie Badazz, was undergoing surgery at a medical center in Houston to remove cancer from his kidney. He took to Instagram following the successful operation to announce that he was cancer-free. "Please pray for my recovery," he wrote to his fans. "I will be in rehab learning to walk again and build my strength so I can get back to the business." 12 months, and six projects later, it's safe to say that the Baton Rouge native more than bounced back. The list below is a showcase of Boosie's best output over the course of his prolific, cancer-free 2016.


1. "Smile To Keep From Crying" [In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It)]

2. "Forgive Me For Being Lost" [In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It)]

3. "Stressing Me" [In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It)

4. "The Rain" [In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It)]

5. "Bad Guy" [In My Feelings (Goin' Thru It)]

6. "Look at Life Different" [Out My Feelings (In My Past)]

7. "Takem Back" [Out My Feelings (In My Past)]

8. "Big Blue Hundreds" [Out My Feelings (In My Past)]

9. "Wanna B Heard" f. Slim Thug [Out My Feelings (In My Past)]

10. "Real Nigga" [Out My Feelings (In My Past)]


11. "Thug Talk" [Thug Talk]

12. "Street Wars" [Thug Talk]

13. "Found Love N U" [Thug Talk]

14. 'Rainbow" [Thug Talk]

15. "Deer Cee, Dear Boosie" [Penitentiary Chances]

16. "This Ain't Living" f. VS [Penitentiary Chances]

17. "Dis Morning" [Bleek Mode (Thug In Peace Lil Bleek)]

18. "Hard But Sweet" [Bleek Mode (Thug In Peace Lil Bleek)]

19. "Not My Nigga" [Bleek Mode (Thug In Peace Lil Bleek)]

20. "Family Rules" [Bleek Mode (Thug In Peace Lil Bleek)]

21. "Angels All Over Me" [Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas]

22. "My Lil Son" f. NBA YoungBoy & 70thStreetCarlos [Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas]


23. "No Drake On" f. Lil Scrappy [Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas]

24. "U Know I Ain't Scared" f. WNC Whop [Happy Thanksgiving & Merry Christmas]

25. "Fly Away" [Single]

The 25 Best Boosie Songs Of 2016