Nesta Serenades You On “Eye Candy”

The New York singer delivers a mellow track from next year’s debut.

December 14, 2016
Nesta Serenades You On “Eye Candy” Mel the King

Nesta, the New York-based, Florida-raised singer formerly known as Zan, is teeing up a new year and a forthcoming new album. On "Eye Candy," a first taste, his falsetto glides over light piano runs that are kept in check by a growling sub-bass. It's mellow, serenading, and cushy on the ears.


"'Eye Candy' is about how love is pleasing to the eye and soul, and the importance of balance in a relationship," Nesta told The FADER over email. "I laid down the original vocals and loop in my bedroom and sent the rough track over to Marvel Alexander, who plugged in Mathaius Young [the rapper and producer] to collaborate."

Nesta Serenades You On “Eye Candy”