Watch Bok Nero’s Surreal Video For “Stoop Kid”

He rides unicorns, baby deer, and a broomstick with a blow-up doll.

December 21, 2016

Intrepid North Philadelphia rapper, Bok Nero presents an interactive video for "Stoop Kid." In the colorful visual, he explores the magic of a green screen as he inserts himself in an assortment of vibrant and eventful scenes. As Nero mounts a illustrated doe and gets rained on in a cash shower, he indulges in the whims he finds all over the place.


Over email, Bok told The FADER, "As a kid I only knew what North Philly looked like. "Stoop Kid" is about me getting out to exploring the world."

Producer/songwriter Jahlil Beats explained Nero's creative style and their joint EP to The FADER over email, "Lorde Of Legions is the first project of its kind. Nero is so versatile he brings the hood to EDM music and vice versa. He is bridging the gap and bringing so many people together by just creating and being himself."

Listen to Nero's Lord of Legions EP here.

Watch Bok Nero’s Surreal Video For “Stoop Kid”