Snapchat Unveils New Native Games Feature

A new feature from the app, just in time for the holidays.

December 24, 2016

In a move bringing us one step closer to immersive virtual reality, Snapchat has unveiled a new game, and native games feature, on their app just in time for the holidays, according to information via Tech Crunch. It's called Santa's Helper, and you can access the game the same way you would access the different lens filters: click on your face and then select the Santa's Helper lens.


While the technology behind the game is undoubtedly impressive, the game itself is very simple: capture gifts and candy canes by tilting your head left and right to make your elf move, while avoiding trees and weird rabbit skiers.

This is not the first time Snapchat has introduced games to their platform; Back in March, Snapchat partnered with Kraft Mac & Cheese to roll-out a limited game where you tried to catch noodles with your mouth. And earlier this month, Snapchat introduced a puzzle game where you had to slide tiles to reconstruct the image of your face, according to Wojdylo.

Thumbnail Image: Carl Court / Getty Images

Snapchat Unveils New Native Games Feature