Project Poppa Debuts “Who Better” Video

The East Oakland spitter celebrates a hard-earned coming of age.

December 28, 2016

It's my time, it's my time, repeats Project Poppa at the end of "Who Better." The song is a statement of confidence from a rapper who's been carving out his own territory in the scene for almost three years, even though he's still in his early 20s.


2014's "Take Off," a minor regional hit, established a blueprint for his early material, two-to-three minute jolts of intensity that go straight for the jugular. "Who Better" is more subdued and more polished, but just as viscerally efficient.

Halfway through the track's only verse, Poppa describes a drug dealer selling to his own mom: Both got a bad habit and it's hurtin her nigga. Real good high, but a real bad feeling. When the hook comes around he asks, Who in the city was poor with us? If the song is meant to commemorate his comeup, it definitely doesn't so without providing some context.

Project Poppa Debuts “Who Better” Video