Vine Is Being Discontinued In Two Weeks

The app will transition into a pared-down version, Vine Camera, January 17.

January 04, 2017

Vine, at least as we know it, is going away January 17, the company announced in a press release today. As previously announced, the app won't be going away for good, but will instead be transitioned into similar, pared-down version called Vine Camera.


The announcement comes accompanied by answers to a handful of FAQ's that help explain the future of the app. For one, users are being encouraged to download their currently archived Vines until January 17, at which point they'll be archived on the Vine website.

When the original app is discontinued, Vine's social community will also be eliminated, although users are being encouraged to link their Vine and Twitter accounts in order to retain their follower base on another platform. Check out the full announcement here to read up on all of the upcoming changes.

Vine Is Being Discontinued In Two Weeks