Watch AOE’s Animated Video For “I’m Right This Time”

It’s a surreal offering from the gifted group.

January 06, 2017

Experimental duo AOE (Ambassadors of Earth) present a stimulating and inspired visual for "I'm Right This Time." Multi-talented group member Phil Beaudreau created the video along with providing the r&b-tinged vocals for the track, which was produced by Dawaun Parker. It's reminiscent of a dreamlike cartoon as the main character free falls from a purple sky only to rise again through bright flames while surrounded by dazzling stars.


"'I'm Right This Time' is the group's initial offering, part of a larger set of music entitled Homecoming," AOE told The FADER over email. "AOE doesn't separate sight from sound. Everything comes from the same source — the same creative spirit."

Watch AOE’s Animated Video For “I’m Right This Time”