Larry June Stays In The Kitchen In “The Scale” Video

The Bay Area MC has the perfect plan to stay out of trouble.

January 09, 2017

San Francisco rapper Larry June reveals his reliable scheme for staying low in the video for "The Scale." In this funny visual, June plays an unsuspecting nerd and a S.W.A.T. team member. In order to easily camouflage his operation, he keeps his trap potions in his kitchen.


"When I heard the beat I saw a movie. I happened to have my scale in the kitchen at the time and was sipping a big mojito, so I was already in a whole different mind state," June explained to The FADER over email. "People use a scale to weigh food, and also other things. So if the scale is in the kitchen and the police raid the house, you have an excuse to say you were baking a cake the other day."

He continued, "I record all my music in the kitchen. Say I might be recording the verse, and I got a taste for organic waffle in between, I can stop the beat and get some inspiration, maybe ride my bike in between, and come back home and finish the track."

Stay tuned for June's Larry 2 EP release in February.

Larry June Stays In The Kitchen In “The Scale” Video