You Can’t Not Dance To Sinkane’s “Telephone”

The song’s video is all about getting lost in the groove.

January 12, 2017

"You must be alone/ Why else you calling on the phone?" Sinkane sings with disco heat on "Telephone," the second single from Life & Livin' It (out February 10 on City Slang). The song rushes in on an undeniably funky beat, and it seems only natural that its single-shot video follows this girl — Kelly Nakamura, a classically-trained ballerina — dancing her damn heart out through her apartment. It's honestly impossible not to groove to "Telephone," it's that addictive.


"Dancing, repetition and fun are foundational elements of Sinkane," Sinkane told The FADER over email. "Bráulio [Amado, the video's director] understands this. I was inspired by the fun Instagram videos my friend Cherie posts of herself and her friend Lizzy losing themselves and dancing to '90s club hits in their room. I recorded myself dancing to this song on my phone and sent it to Bráulio. I do this kind of thing a lot. Especially after getting out of the shower. You all should try it. It'll change your life."

You Can’t Not Dance To Sinkane’s “Telephone”