Chris LaRocca’s “Closer” Is Shiny, Personal Pop

The Canadian artist has shared his debut single.

January 25, 2017

Chris LaRocca, a pop artist out of Woodbridge, Ontario, is premiering his debut single "Closer" online today with The FADER. The track's lovesickness is balanced by a hopeful stride, much like how the EDM-influenced pop is brought to earth by tranquil melodies. Listen above.


“Closer was written during stressful times when I was developing some anxieties about my music career,” LaRocca told The FADER over email. “I was obsessively listening to the songs I had over and over wondering if the material would hold a light to all the crazy sounds coming out of Toronto. I took off up north for a couple days to clear my mind and came back to the city with new inspiration to write something a little out of my element that would help get these feelings off my chest.

“I put together the rough instrumental and connected with it in a way I never really had with my own music. From that point the lyrics just kind of flowed out. I didn’t think twice because everything felt real, like I was telling another version of me that things will get better if you keep your head straight and keep working. Listening back when it was finished I really felt like it tied the entire body of work together, which made me feel like I was ultimately getting closer to being the artist I wanted to be, and further from artist I thought I was supposed to be.”

Chris LaRocca’s “Closer” Is Shiny, Personal Pop