Listen To DÆVA’s Otherworldly Beta Persei B-Sides

The outtakes, the singer said, “feel like a distant version of me now.”

January 25, 2017
Listen To DÆVA’s Otherworldly <i>Beta Persei</i> B-Sides Sharleen Chidiac

"I've waited all my life/ to dance with you tonight," begins "Blush," one of three gorgeous, synthy B-sides from Brooklyn singer and spell-caster DÆVA's debut LP, Beta-Persei. DÆVA, whose moniker is an ancient religious term for disagreeable spirits, dug up the scrapped the songs, and, as a result, The FADER is premiering them today. The trio of tracks is swirling with astral sounds and is a little spooky, which is fitting because DÆVA sees them now as a sort of ghost of her former self: "I wrote these when I was just starting to discover my sound and independence as DÆVA," she told The FADER via email, "but they all sort of feel like a distant version of me now. Each one ended up being too messy or experimental for the LP but they are still so dear to my heart. 'Blush' is my favorite — it was my very first attempt at that dreamy, escapist vibe I've pursued since." Listen below.

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Listen To DÆVA’s Otherworldly Beta Persei B-Sides