These Old School Menswear Brands Need To Make A Comeback

Seven defunct lines from our teenhood that we desperately miss.

January 27, 2017

In a time where the future is far too depressing and bleak to envision, we're scouring the past for inspiration — including our old wardrobes. Over the last couple of years, we've seen a resurgence in the popularity of '90s lines, as well as second-hand vintage clothing, and the trend of recycling garments is only going up. Lil Yachty's aquatic association with Nautica pulled the almost-obsolete brand out of the clearance section and back into teen closets, and JNCO Jeans are back in the market again. So in an effort to speak things into existence, here are seven brands from our teen days that we need to make a comeback in 2017.


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The inspiration for the angelic Black empowerment track by Solange, FUBU stood for "for us, by us." Detailing her thought process behind the song, Solange said of the brand, "I remember reading stories on the product placement, and seeing LL Cool J wearing a FUBU hat in a national GAP advertisement. FUBU exhibited Blackness in any space, on a huge global level, and that is what I wanted to do with the song." The world needs you, FUBU.


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You can tell who is from New York and who isn't just by how they pronounce the name of this brand. And in a time of drastic gentrification and rapid out-pricing of N.Y.C. natives, that's quite the useful trick.

Marithé + François Girbaud

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What's left to say about Girbaud that rappers haven't said already? The loose-fitted, strapped up, 5-pocket signature stone-washed denim jeans were sported by nearly every MC and teen from the '90s to the mid 2000s. That is until the head designer publicly disassociated the brand from hip-hop and black people, which, in hindsight, is probably why the brand no longer exists.

These Old School Menswear Brands Need To Make A Comeback

Because there can only be one true Akademiks.


Avirex became one of the first official United States Army suppliers that was also poppin' in the streets. So ahead of the impending Race War, let's bring back the leather Avi jackets.

Sean John
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There has certainly been a revival in sweatsuits and #cozy wear the past few seasons, but let us never forget the pioneers of the game, specifically Sean John's velour sweatsuit.


In an era of all-time high Islamophobia, a Mecca revival could be a sign of solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters. In addition, Mecca pieces would be far more fashionable and less pretentious than safety pins.

These Old School Menswear Brands Need To Make A Comeback