7 Instagram Braiders You Should Be Following For Major Hair Inspiration

Wearable masterpieces.

January 31, 2017

Braids are more than a style — they’re an art. If you need proof, these ladies are killing the game with their intricate handiwork. From halos of hair to beads and bling, these women take traditional braiding and push it to its creative limits. Discover some serious hair inspo via the links below, and get ready to hit follow.

1. Zateesha Barbour

Freelance hairdresser Zateesha Barbour’s colorful feed is the perfect antidote to January blues. Expect distinctly London vibes and of course, flawless braids.

2. Jahmai Lumpkin

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Hair braider to the stars Jahmai Lumpkin is the hair stylist behind many a celebrity look. With her innovative approach to braiding, it’s easy to see why.

3. Shani Crowe

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Shani Crowe’s braids resemble abstract art, which is probably why Solange Knowles was so quick to snap her up following her exhibition in MoCADA last year. Read more about how she created Solange's hair halo for SNL here.

4. Kione Grandison

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Jamaican-British artist Kione Grandison’s work is strongly influenced by Afro hair — to the extent that her sculptures include synthetic braids. Her work pays subtle homage to Nigerian photographer J.D. Okhai Ojeikere, and is a light-hearted celebration of African and Caribbean cultures.

5. Ace Tee

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As well as being Germany's answer to TLC, singer and producer Ace Tee is also a killer hair stylist. The video for her song "Bist du Down" featured an array of braids she created herself, and her Instagram feed is a similar treasure trove of on-point '90s looks.

6. Joy Matashi

Freelance braider Joy Matashi is influenced by her regular trips to Nigeria and, unusually, architecture. Her feed is pure creative bliss.

If we were Nikki Nelms, we’d be doing some major name-dropping. Not only is she Janelle Monáe’s regular hair stylist, but she also counts Zoe Kravitz, Serena Williams, and Kelly Rowland among her clients. This now-famous style for Solange is giving us much-needed beach vibes.

7 Instagram Braiders You Should Be Following For Major Hair Inspiration