Protoje Speaks Out Against Repression In Jamaica On “Blood Money”

A galvanizing offering from the reggae singer.

February 02, 2017

Jamaica's mindful reggae artist Protoje rallies for justice in his homeland in "Blood Money." In his new politically-charged single, he delivers a candid call to action while addressing some of the socio-economic inequalities that exist in his country. With a mighty melodic flow, Protoje describes the systematic oppression and the ways in which many of his people struggle. "Blood money run the nation," he repeats in a sobering chorus that nods to society's corruption.


“This song is so socially relevant, people connect to it on first listen. It’s speaking about things that are collectively on all of our minds, that we all want to talk about, and I’m using my voice to bring these topics to the forefront of conversation," Protoje told The FADER.

"With all that is happening in Jamaica, criticism is often one-sided and directed to the have-nots — the people who have less are made to seem like the problem in society. This is unfair, hypocritical, and widely inaccurate. This song seeks to bring about certain conversations, to talk about what is really happening in our society.”

Protoje Speaks Out Against Repression In Jamaica On “Blood Money”