Young Dolph Debuts The “Baller Alert” Video, Shares His 10 Baller Commandments

Number 7? “Big boy jewelry.”

February 09, 2017

Young Dolph is here to show us what the good life looks like in his "Baller Alert" music video, premiering today on The FADER. But the Memphis rapper also uses the gritty, glorious Gelato track to outline what he went through to get to where he is: in a mansion on the West Coast, bankrolls carpeting the floor, sharing his blunt with his dolphin chain.


"'Baller Alert’ is based on my lifestyle," Dolph told The FADER over email. "As I talk about in the song, I’ve done a lot of dirt and worked hard to get to where I am. This song, like a lot of my songs, is about celebrating life. Not a lot of people make it out from where I’m from but I’m a living example showing you that it’s possible. Word hard, play hard.”

Young Dolph's new mixtape Gelato is out now. Below, read his "10 Baller Commandments."

Young Dolph's "10 Baller Commandments":

1. First you get the money
2. Then you get money
3. Don't care about what it cost
4. Always be ready
5. Keep rubber bands on you
6. Gotta have the newest car
7. Big boy jewelry
8. Always be ready to help anybody
9. A baller's fav app is the calculator
10. Gotta look good at all times

Thumbnail photo by Cam Kirk

Posted: February 09, 2017