Mined’s “Mistakes” Music Video Is Beautiful, Black Interpretive Dance

The London singer/songwriter’s EP Loves Low’s is out Spring 2017.

February 13, 2017

On "Mistakes," Kofi Holmes a.k.a. Mined traces the fallout of selfish moments in a relationship on the back of a soothing, balearic soul track. The music video, premiering today on The FADER, takes a similarly compelling but more abstract route to the same destination. Directed by Mined's visual collaborators The Rest, the clip imagines a couple's confrontation through dance. The girl, dressed as a flapper, vogues and sashays while the boy clutches at his pierced flank, which is a relatable feeling for anyone that's been in the losing position of an argument you've started with a loved one.


"The Rest did a great job of capturing the claustrophobic and intense nature of the experiences I sing about on 'Mistakes,’" Mined told The FADER over email. "The video version of the track differs in tempo from the EP version in the last minute or so. It was really interesting to help conjure up a reworking of the track visually with a fresh approach to the music in mind. The Rest understood what I was trying to get across — working closely with them and the dancers to interpret a song and story that is very close to my heart, was a real privilege."

Mined's EP Loves Low’s is out Spring 2017 on Peacefrog Records.

Mined’s “Mistakes” Music Video Is Beautiful, Black Interpretive Dance