FADER Mix: Bambii

Mykki Blanco’s Toronto-based tour DJ shares a dreamy collision of global club tracks — and a family recipe for ackee and saltfish.

February 14, 2017
FADER Mix: Bambii Photo by Neva Wireko

Perhaps one of the purest joys in covering local music is watching a young artist come into their own. Bambii is an emerging talent from Toronto, a DJ who has bypassed aux-cord wielding scenesters by always allowing her musical curiosity to dictate her sets. In the days following the release of Drake's Nothing Was The Same, when all anyone wanted to drink to was "Worst Behavior," Bambii didn't relent. She'll only play a song if she loves it herself — or if there's a remix that's hotter. This insistence on instinct sets her apart from other young DJs, particularly in Toronto — a city that's not particularly musically adventurous — but also beyond, as Mykki Blanco's tour DJ.


So while listening to Bambii's brand new FADER Mix you might find yourself with a brand new appreciation for Migos's "Bad & Boujee" courtesy of a thrilling, "Afrostep" edit by New York City duo mOma+Guy. She slides that in between lusty, pulsing, percussion-driven house, a sound that ultimately defines this mix and the goal of her sets: to get people dancing again.


Where are you right now? Describe your surroundings.

Right now I'm in my apartment. It's Sunday so it's pretty quiet in here and dimly lit.


Tell us a bit about this mix — what do you imagine people doing while listening to it?

This mix features artists I know personally and a lot I've never met. It's been influenced by my recent traveling and is an attempt at connecting all the very different kinds music I've been exposed to. Lately I've been feeling very aggressive about pursuing my dreams, the terrible current geo-political climate, and my personal life — some of that comes through too. I like to think that listening to music from far places or people you've never encountered might encourage you to explore. I don't know the context but hopefully people are thinking, dreaming, or loving while they are listening.

Today is Valentine's Day. How do you like to spend Valentine's Day?


I like to spend Valentine's Day by the fireplace with my imaginary non-problematic woke af bae who has an astute and intersectional understanding of feminism. After a nice dinner and great conversation about white supremacy we would take a romantic midnight stroll followed by a movie night of all my personal selects lol :)

What was the best part of touring with Mykki Blanco?

The best part about touring with Mykki Blanco (even though there was a million things) was the focus it gave me. Touring takes you away from your home and everything else is left on pause. A lot of the time I think artists reach goals and right away think about the next big thing. Playing shows with an artist I truly respected, for crowds that were so diverse, really made me grateful. I saw so much and then became obsessed with each little moment because they all felt meaningful. Even though we are all trying to get to whatever the "top" is, it's important to really fully appreciate what's in front of you.


What's the last book you read that had a big impact on you? And why?

The First Bad Man by Miranda July. The main character is a neurotic and very lonely middle aged woman whose life is pretty mundane and severely structured until she falls in love with a younger woman whose problems sort of provoke and change her. The best part about the book is the characters' quirky idiosyncrasies and the very all-encompassing way July has written a female character. Often I find that amount of intricacy reserved for male characters so it was refreshing. Also, the book is funny as hell.

And finally, what's your favorite dish to cook and how do you make it?


One of my favorite dishes to cook is ackee and saltfish because it's kinda tedious and also because it reminds me of my great-grandmother.

1. Soak saltfish over night or boil in water twice before cooking
2. Sauté white onions, tomato, garlic, scotch bonnet, and then add canned ackee and pre-soaked fish
3. Add salt, pepper, paprika, thyme
4. Cook on a low simmer for about 10 minutes
5. Goes great with yams, fried dumpling, green bananas, and plantains :)


Let Me Go - Branko (feat. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack) [Jumping Back Slash Rerub]
Grove - Tension
Big Shot - Full Crate
Raindrop - Moma+Guy
Dougswana (Audiowhores Beats) - Doug Willis
Parada (Original Mix) - Bryan Dalton
Rock Them - CLB
Fortune Power Fame (feat. Young Luxenberg) - Ase Manual
Fake Love - Drake (FL!PPS CLUB EDIT)
Flexx - Rastronaut
Slow Wine - (Booty Bounce) Mike Gip Ft. JiggyThvt
Santo Diablo - Cabo Blanco
Jah I See You - Ensemble Entendu
Whine - Hamza
#grindin - Shintaro & Uki
Soke - Burna Boy
Cause N Effect - Ensemble Entendu
Touch It x MM Cellar - DJ NA
Toma Original Mix - Ckrono
losemybreathrmx - Sndwvs & Singularis
Pass That Dutch - Missy Elliot
Stay True - Herve Pagez x Grillz

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FADER Mix: Bambii