Watch Kodak Black’s “Tunnel Vision” Video

The Florida rapper’s long-awaited single arrives with a provocative visual.

February 16, 2017

The snippet of Kodak Black's "Tunnel Vision," which surfaced online towards the end of 2016, became a phenomenon before the song was even released. The video of Kodak in the studio singing along to the song and an easily-imitable dance spread quickly, and a SoundCloud rip of the audio amassed more than a million plays in weeks.


On Thursday, Kodak shared the official video for the song, which shows the rapper in front of a burning cross with an effigy of a KKK member with a noose around its neck hanging nearby. In other scenes, a man wearing a "Make America Hate Again" hat tries to shoot a black man, but the two end up getting into an altercation. Watch Kodak Black's "Tunnel Vision" video above.

Watch Kodak Black’s “Tunnel Vision” Video