Watch Larry Wilmore Cuss Out Editor Of Breitbart Milo Yiannopoulous

“You can go fuck yourself.”

February 18, 2017

Make your Saturday morning a little brighter by watching this clip of Larry Wilmore cussing out Milo Yiannopolous, editor at Breitbart and troll of the alt-right.


On Friday night's edition of Bill Maher's Real Time, a show where Maher invites three panelists to debate current events, comedian Larry Wilmore, cryptologist Malcolm Nance, Milo Yiannopolous and former representative Jack Kingston were the guests of the show.

During the Overtime segment of the show, Maher asked Yiannopolous why he chose to single out a transgender student during his talk at the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. As expected, the conversation quickly devolved after that with Yiannopolous making transphobic statements left and right, and intentionally misgendering the student.

Later, after Wilmore and Nance responded to Yiannopolous' comments, the Breitbart editor turned to Maher and said, "You always invite such awful people to your show, they're so stupid. You need to start inviting higher IQ guests." At that, Wilmore decided he'd had enough and responded: "You can go fuck yourself, alright. If you're argument is that these people are stupid, you didn't hear a word [Nance] said earlier because he can talk circles around your pathetic douchy little ass." If that wasn't enough, Wilmore adds another "fuck you" for Yiannopolous' comments earlier on when he called SNL's Leslie Jones "barely literate."

The entire clip is 12 minutes long but the only part you really need to see starts around the 4:20 mark. Watch above.

Watch Larry Wilmore Cuss Out Editor Of Breitbart Milo Yiannopoulous