Beatmoovz Let You Make Music With Movement

The fitbit-esque wristbands track your movements which correspond to sounds using bluetooth.

February 19, 2017

Watches and bracelets that track your steps will seem terribly boring compared to ones that tracks your dance moves –– at least that's what engineer Daigo Kusunoki is hoping. Kusnoki showed off his BeatMoovz by Dmet Products at the New York Toy Fair today, reports Mashable. The rubber wrist bands track your movements, which coincide to a sound from the BeatMoovz app. The sound is transmitted to your radio through bluetooth. The more you dance and move about, the more music you make. The BeatMoovz app has 400 different sounds including instruments and audio clips.


If you're already thinking of all the obnoxious sound effects you're gonna make moving around at work, you'll have to wait until summer. The Beatmoovz wristbands won't be available until August. They're priced at $59.99 for two.

Beatmoovz Let You Make Music With Movement