Huey Supreme Is Jaded By Love In The Video For “Never Fall”

The multitalented artist refuses to give into the feels.

February 21, 2017

Never one to wear emotions on his sleeve, Portsmouth, Virginia's Huey Supreme is adamant about not giving into love again in his new video for "Never Fall." Weaving in and out of silken melodies, Supreme offers up delicate verses about his tainted heart. Supreme's got a million reasons to keep his defenses raised; still, he can't help but reflect on just how euphoric true love can be: "I'll never fall in love again/ But why not?/ When I know this girl love like my mom do/ And even though I know our times over/ If your soul's never lost I'll find ya."


"Falling too deep in love is like getting too drunk. It be all good until you next to a toilet saying you'll never drink again; and though you believe it at the time, deep inside, everybody knows you probably will," Supreme explained to The FADER over email.

"'Never Fall' is a song that represents how we all feel when what you think is the right thing goes wrong. It sucks, but if the right thing comes back around, you'll go through it all over again. Once I became single I said I'm never doing this again — it hurts too much. But when I thought about it, having a good woman is amazing and I'd do it all over again. So I wrote a song about it."

Huey Supreme Is Jaded By Love In The Video For “Never Fall”