13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

February 21, 2017
13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week Ibibio Sound Machine: Merge Records; Davido: Travys Owen; Lana Del Rey: Geordie Wood; Future: Future  

1. Future's self-titled record sees the man on a braggadocio stride, as evidenced by one of our first favorites, the high-flying "Draco."


2. “Love,” like all the best Lana Del Rey songs, balances quaint nostalgia with veiled fatalism; it's exactly the kind of widescreen escapism we've been craving.

3. On "Dark Red," young Steve Lacy, sounding soulful as ever over masterful grooves, grapples with heartbreak and self-doubt.


4. "Lil Kodak they don't like to see you winnin'/ They wanna see you in the penitentiary," goes Kodak Black on his reflective "Tunnel Vision." The official video is a political smack in the face — burning cross et al.

5. MadeinTYO and Big Sean rap about Gucci and diamond McFlurrys on "Skateboard P," which is a jam-and-a-half.

6. Lifted by soft trumpets and a breezy beat, Davido's very romantic "If" is just as radiant as the Nigerian star's wide smile.


7. London duo AJ x Deno are a force of rap and R&B, respectively, and "Ride or Die" is a Gen Z take on all the best loved-up anthems.

8. After funk legend Junie Morrisson passed away, Sporting Life put a gentle spin on Kanye's “No More Parties In L.A.,” looping the Junie vocal samples alongside some wistful-feeling keys.

9. Tory Lanez and fellow Torontonian Pressa hooked up for "Oh My," a silky "DTF" track that makes us wish it was Friday, really really badly.


10. Kirk Knight's “Magic Mirror," which just got a video, is like a moodier version of MJ's "Man In The Mirror" — a song you can sway to while also getting really pensive about your life.

11. Here's a very Montreal collaboration: Jean-Michel Blais and CFCF mesh their classical and electronic sensibilities to magnifying pop effect on "Hypocrite."

12. Doom metal band King Woman's “Shame" is a sludgy power ballad that sounds like an overcast afternoon feels: beautiful in its bleakness.


13. New wave-afropop fusion? Yes please. Ibibio Sound Machine's “Give Me A Reason" hits all the right notes. For the most lit parties only.

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13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week