Zeds Dead Explores A Retro Cult In The “Dimemories” Music Video

The group’s debut album Northern Lights is out now.

February 22, 2017

The second season of Stranger Things might be a ways away, but you can still get a fix of vintage horror/sci-fi with "Dimemories," the new music video from Zeds Dead. The Toronto electronic music veterans lend a dynamic and suitably tense score to Callum Gillies's visuals, depicting a repressive mind-reading cult who get a unpleasant surprise when they scan a baby's brain.


Zeds Dead traced the history of the song over an email to The FADER. "'Dimemories' is one of those tracks that we made years ago, dropped it in some mixes but never released it because we knew it was something we should save for our album. We saved a lot of things from that era but that ended up being the only one to make it to Northern Lights. The contrast between the ethereal and more brooding elements of the track is something we really wanted to see play out in this video. There's a lot lurking below the surface and not everything is as it seems."

Northern Lights, the debut album from Zeds Dead, is out now.

Thumbnail photo by Chad Kamenshine

Zeds Dead Explores A Retro Cult In The “Dimemories” Music Video