Flying Hórses Made A Tearjerking Music Video For “Tölt”

The Montreal artist’s new album is out now.

February 23, 2017

Under the name Flying Hórses, Jade Bergeron collects swirling "post-chamber" pieces that collapse the distance between many disparate instrumental genres. “Tölt" is a melancholic dance of strings and piano, and in the music video, premiering today with The FADER, it becomes the soundtrack to an unhappy tale of two misfits.


"I wrote 'Tölt' during a time of reflection on my own childhood," Bergeron wrote in an email to The FADER. "I turned to the piano to help me express some of the more challenging, traumatic events that I am still learning to cope with as an adult. I hope that it reaches those who might feel, or have felt like a black sheep at some point in their own lives. In the end, you are always stronger than you know."

Tölt, the new album from Flying Hórses, is out now.

Thumbnail photo by Jonathan Lorange.

Flying Hórses Made A Tearjerking Music Video For “Tölt”