#TransCrowdFund Is Boosting Trans Folks Who Need Material Assitance

How you can directly contribute to the fight against economic violence.

February 23, 2017
#TransCrowdFund Is Boosting Trans Folks Who Need Material Assitance People hold a giant transgender flag during a pride parade in Istanbul, on June 22, 2014.   Getty/ BULENT KILIC

In light of Donald Trump's decision to revoke critical protection laws allowing transgender students to use public school bathrooms of their choice, the hashtag #TransCrowdFund is gaining some new attention.


J. Skyler created the hashtag in May 2016, after their employer stopped offering year-end bonuses. After creating an emergency fund on YouCaring to make ends meet, they started #TransCrowdFund to bring similar causes together in one place on Twitter.

"There is a never-ending myriad of ways trans people face economic violence," J. Skyler told The Billfold in an interview. "#TransCrowdFund is a community effort for charitable and conscientious souls to help individuals in need and to give those individuals a greater reach."

Skyler emphasized the importance of taking intersections into account: "It is important to emphasize that reparations should benefit the most vulnerable at the intersections of our community, which would be disabled Black trans women." They cited #DisabilityCrowdFund and #FemCrowdFund as other hashtags to consider, which are extensions of the original hashtag.

#TransCrowdFund Is Boosting Trans Folks Who Need Material Assitance