Pratley Share A Glitchy And Nostalgic Video For “Don’t”

The Los Angeles pop group’s album is out later in 2017.

February 28, 2017

Pratley is an L.A.-based project of Sam Wilkes and James Watson, and they've got a funky retro-pop composition in "Don't." The music video for the track, which jumps from dreamy anxiety to ecstatic palpitations and maintains a high-stakes vibe, is premiering today on The FADER. In the clip, the colorful atmosphere is visualized by a kaleidoscope, cathode-ray glitch of a profile singing as a figure dances.


Pratley's James Watson told The FADER about the song's perspective in an email. "The music felt very nostalgic to me and I started singing from the point of view of someone who was alone in a house that they once shared with a loved one. In the verses they are reminded of their lost love by everyday tasks and objects and in the chorus they attempt to get out of this nostalgic whirlpool by shouting a strict mantra to themselves: 'don’t!' like 'don't think about those memories, that only makes it worse!'. To me this song is a snapshot of that really stubborn part of the grieving process when you just have to tell yourself not to think about it."

Pratley's self-titled debut album is out in 2017.

Thumbnail photo by James Watson.

Pratley Share A Glitchy And Nostalgic Video For “Don’t”