Watch Gallant’s Cerebral “Talking To Myself” Video

The Grammy-nominated artist’s new visual was directed by Sasha Samsonova.

March 01, 2017
Watch Gallant’s Cerebral “Talking To Myself” Video Courtesy Mind of a Genius/Warner Bros.

“I’ve been slowly loosening my grip on this reality/ Tongue-tied, the dominoes break/ So won’t you lend me your faith?” Gallant sings over a start-and-stop harmony of keys and bass in the opening inhales of “Talking To Myself.” The Maryland-raised, L.A.-based crooner has never lacked for self-analysis or talent; his razor-edged falsetto often erupts without notice, all beauty and power and genuine feeling. On the Grammy-nominated Ology, his 16-track debut, the singer bore all of the confusing and rewarding realities of his young life. And today, he lets us into that same headspace with a hypnotic visual for “Talking To Myself,” which is premiering on The FADER.


By Gallant’s own admission, the video is “a scatterbrained visual that perfectly parallels the raucous conversations I have with myself every night,” he told The FADER over email. The video’s director Sasha Samsonova added: “When you watch ‘Talking to Myself,’ you don't think about it. You feel it.”

Vibe out below.

Watch Gallant’s Cerebral “Talking To Myself” Video