13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week

Tracks we love right now. In no particular order.

March 07, 2017
13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week Girlpool: Molly Matalon; J Hus: Black Butter Records; Lorde: EMI; Alex G: Alex G

1. 2 Chainz and Gucci Mane did a version of "Good Drank" with the Trap Choir. It was a religious experience, and now it's available on SoundCloud. Bless.


2. On “123,” Girlpool debut a full-band sound that's more expansive than their lo-fi BFF duo music has ever been. More than ready for more.

3. People are geeking about Lorde's "Green Light." It's a true pop anthem — made for both earbud strutting and the club — and we are very here for Lorde dancing on cars in the middle of the street in that chic red dress. Go Lorde.


4. The latest from eternal cutie J Hus, "Did You See," plays sparse, bright chords and flares of autotune off a simple snap beat.

5. Alex G popped back into our lives with two new singles from his forthcoming eighth album. "Bobby" is a sweet lil' folk song featuring backup vocals and violins and other strings that sketch outside of the lines.

6. This song is like having a chill nighttime drive on loop in your ears: N.Y.C./Seoul producer Yaeji's "Noonside" pops and sparkles.


7. Belly Squad's really smooth "Like That" makes us want to be in a committed relationship with all three of them, that's how sexy and yummy it is.

8. The legendary Giggs jumped on Shaun White's "Like Dat," a cool-as-hell pairing for a track with a chilling sound.

9. "Percolator" is a pop-punk gem from Charly Bliss that's all about feeling like your feelings are going wild. Good to jump around or punch stuff to.


10. When The Blaze's stunning and sad dance track, "Territory" goes "There's no place like my home since I was born," hearts will break. "Dance your pain away" has never been truer.

11. Rome Fortune made a folk-rap track called "KANYE, BEYONCE," and it's great — "If you want it done right you gotta do it yourself," he says. Damn straight.

12. "Who's That Girl?," from Jammz, is a speedy song with R&B grooves in which Jammz's girlfriend interrogates him about who he's talking to online. We can all relate.


13. "You're a perv and I knew that you would be," raps Quay Dash with her soft drawl on "I Need A Bag," a bad-girl's somber demand for drugs. "Right fuckin' now."

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13 Songs You Need In Your Life This Week