What It’s Really Like To Be Too Young To Vote In America

A diverse group of U.S. teenagers express how Trump’s America impacts them.

March 10, 2017

Australian-born, New York-based director Jason Evans has made a short documentary that lends a platform to a group of American youth who were too young to vote in last year's controversial presidential election. Titled To Speak Of Ourselves, it features a wide range of teenagers from different backgrounds and cultures who take it in turn to talk about their hopes and concerns in Trump's America.


"We shot in N.Y., N.J., and Ohio," Evans told The FADER over email. "We spent a few hours with each person, filming a small portrait of them in their own environment, capturing private, reflective moments, listening to them talk about both their day-to-day and their various concerns and anxieties, often related to the new administration. Everyone we met was incredibly generous in sharing their views. It was really inspiring, a real collaboration. It’s been great seeing them post the film within their own circles, getting it out to other teenagers. I definitely wanted to make a document that each teenager involved would be proud of when they watch it."

Watch above.

What It’s Really Like To Be Too Young To Vote In America