Killer Mike Honored By Georgia Senate

To recognize the rapper’s efforts in publicizing the value of water, and his drill, “Driller Mike.”

March 11, 2017

Friday morning, Run The Jewel's Killer Mike was honored by the Georgia state senate for using his platform "as a Grammy-winning rapper to help bring the value of water to mainstream audiences," according to the resolution that was passed to honor the rapper.


The honor was also in reference to "Driller Mike," a $5 million drill that was created to drill a new water reservoir for the state named after the rapper.

In his speech to the senate, Mike was quoted saying:

"The charge that I give all of us in this hall today is to make sure that Georgia remains an equitable place not only for water, but for education, for workers’ rights, for where we're living. It should be as fair for a rural white man in Georgia who's trying to live by the land, as it is for a kid on the Westside of Atlanta, trying to survive the concrete.”

Mike also touched on other issues like education, affordable housing and other issues plaguing Atlanta, and the wider state.

Our children deserve decent housing. Gentrification should not make children poor. Our school systems deserve more attention. Our teachers deserve more money. Our firemen deserve more money. And our policemen deserve more than new guns. They deserve to have enough cops on the street to be involved in the community.

After receiving the honor, Mike took to Instagram to thank the senators and cheekily say "#YesIWoreMyChain.' Check it out above.

Killer Mike Honored By Georgia Senate