Listen To Lupe Fiasco’s New Track “ANKH:HER”

It’s a freestyle over a Michael Christmas track.

March 15, 2017


One week after releasing his album DROGAS Light, Lupe Fiasco has released a new freestyle to SoundCloud.

"ANKH:HER" features the Chicago rapper recorded over Michael Christmas's "Everything Burrito." Produced by Rich Kidd, the track lets Fiasco's lyricism take center stage. Off the top of the dome he spits, "Drift to mausoleum, shackle my feet in 1919 / Hollerin' droppin' cosmopolitans on the crime scene / Xenophobian, hemoglobin soakin' on white queens."

Take a listen to the track above.

Listen To Lupe Fiasco’s New Track “ANKH:HER”