Killy’s “Stolen Identity” Is Emo-Rap’s Next Evolution

The Toronto rapper holds tight to what’s important.

March 16, 2017

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As Lil Uzi Vert transforms into a full-fledged superstar and Lil Peep books a nationwide tour, you might wonder what Canada's player in the emo-rap surge could look like. Enter Killy, a rapper from Toronto's east end who dropped a track called "Stolen Identity" last month. The beat represents a prevailing sound in the city – namely the prominent, gummy baselines pioneered by Wondagurl – but Killy twists it with a hook that recalls Evanescence, or perhaps Linkin Park. "You can't keep away from me/ Stuck in my gravity/ You can't take me from me/ Stolen Identity," he moans, before reverting to snappy bars about his untouchable nature. Killy's got a sound and style that's uniquely his own, and now he's got a song that registers just how valuable those things are.

Killy’s “Stolen Identity” Is Emo-Rap’s Next Evolution